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Apr. 17th, 2014


Tired and rainy

I woke up so tired this morning, but I can feel the coffee kicking in finally. It feels like I'm going to have one of those days propelled onward by caffeine and not much else. I didn't even stay up late last night! What gives?

The spring rain is working wonders in my garden, but listening to it tapping on the roof is very relaxing. Doze-inducing, even. Nobody will mind if I just had a nap, would they?

Apr. 15th, 2014

A new shoot day

Another "Shoot Day" is upon us! That means I get to rush rush in the morning, packing my makeup and hair stuff and lingerie and shoes and masturbatory utilities into my little suitcase. Also: cheese and crackers for snacks, and maybe a bottle of wine. Then we get to our chosen spot for 1pm and set up. Then boom! On go the lights! It's all quite exciting, you see. Cue the bow-chicka-wow-wow music.

:) I'm not sure which themes or stories we're going to try today. Any ideas? 

Apr. 14th, 2014


Going on a Safari!

I was surprised (but not terribly) today when I checked my statistics for my site at and found that the most popular browser among my surfers had changed. Chrome had long beaten out Internet Explorer (IE) but Firefox was holding it to a fairly steady tie. Today Safari, the Apple browser, overtook the rest. A full 25% of my surfers viewed my site in a Safari window.

I shouldn't be at all surprised. When I do my own browsing it is invariably on my iPhone or iPad, unless I'm at "work." Work in this case means my Battle Station in the spare room down the hall. My setup is Windows 7, so I usually rock Chrome when I'm browsing. Firefox gets fired up on occasions when I need to use the Linky extension. I wonder if there is an equivalent for Chrome? Because, if so, Firefox's days on my PC may be numbered.

Congratulations, Apple! You see to be winning the day! 

Apr. 11th, 2014

Almost tax time

I'm such a good Elli this year! Usually I fret and fuss and finally send my numbers in to the accountant on about April 10th. This year I sent them in three weeks ago! And now he's getting back to me on Monday with the final tally! It feels fantastic to not put myself through so much procrastination-induced pressure. Here's hoping the numbers are close to what I estimated.

I have begun to tackle the splotch of land behind the carport. We have a gravelled carport "floor" and behind that, reaching to the fence, is a space. It was once grass, and then it was gravel for a time. For two years I have knocked down the grass and pipeweeds in an endless effort for visual clarity. This year I've decided enough is enough! I've begun scraping off the top layer of grass, weeds, and gravel. The weed barrier is waiting to be put in place. And then I will gravel over top. Nice pea gravel, not the chunky crush that is the carport floor. The scraping part is halfway complete, and I should (key word being "should) finish the rest on Saturday. We shall see how that goes!

Apr. 10th, 2014

Caught Peeking


It's almost ten years since I made a huge leap for this member of Mankind. Looking through old emails, I discovered that I stepped off that doomed spaceship in August of 2004. I'm really looking forward to doing something to commemorate the occasion. That's perverse of me, perhaps. But it's a closure that I'm feeling is needed. I was in that relationship for ten years, so to come so far in the ten years since is really quite a relief. At 28 I was overwhelmed by those too-common post-breakup thoughts: what now? Will I ever find someone permanent? Will I marry? Will I become a cat lady? Who would want a part of what I've made?

I am very happy to find that the life I've carved out since then has been satisfying and full of love, happiness, challenges, new friends and new travels. I have also developed a sudden allergy to cats, so that question has also been answered. Do year hear that, 2014? Bring on the next ten years!

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